Under the City

The project was conceived and produced for the Thessaloniki Biennial of Contemporary Art as part of the Multiculture: Same Place -Different Times program. The piece is composed of a video projection and a half-visible car partially buried in a hole cut into the gallery floor. The particular car used was a Yugo, Zastava model from Serbia imported in Europe during the 1990s migration in the Balkan region. Inside the car there is an audio piece of a Turkish radio station, played on the in-car/radio speakers. The work was exhibited on the northern part of Greece, in Thessaloniki.

Exhibited and commissioned by the 2nd Thessaloniki Biennial of Contemporary Art, Workshop and Exhibition, Thessalonika, Greece, Sep-Oct 2009

Same Place- Different Times:


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Installation with sound, 400cm x 380cm x 145cm, car, floor-construction, audio, 2009
8 Years ago

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Janis Rafa

based between Amsterdam and Athens


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