The Auld Yins

These people are a massive part of the reason you are looking at this website today. This is my parents, Ann and Eddie, and without their support and encouragement over the years to keep on drawing, then I might not have been the caricaturist I am today. It was Dad who really ‘lit the fire’ in me from a young age. A self taught keen artist himself, one of my early memories is of me being amazed by his drawings of Batman, Spiderman and all my other favourite cartoon characters, which he would doodle out to keep me amused. When I got a bit older he also kept me in good supply of comics ( Beano, Dandy and best of all, the Nutty! ), which I’d devour and try to copy artwork from and they fuelled my imagination even more. That was it for me. I caught the ‘drawing bug’ and haven’t wanted to do anything else since.
These two are kind and generous people and I owe them a lot. If you are ever in their company, they’ll make you feel welcome and feed you whether you’re hungry or not, and never leave you without a drink at the bar!

Here’s a photo of my parents on my Dad’s 70th birthday with their gift caricature, September 2009.
Cheers Auld Yins, and thanks!

Edd. x

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7 Years ago

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