majolica fish

visits concentrate sketching feel pressurised enjoyable mosaic inspired visiting victoria tendency run headless chicken offer important find ends remembering method subject v wanted study extensive majolica ware feeling missing exhibits stayed details visual reminders d times longer memorable recall day looked albert museum scope range notes initial limited hour achieved london time collection visit subsequent personal t didn result lot making short bursts productive


  • t
  • london
  • limited
  • mosaic
  • chicken
  • inspired
  • study
  • short
  • museum
  • day
  • time
  • albert
  • feel
  • collection
  • feeling
  • v
  • visual
  • result
  • looked
  • range
  • making
  • lot
  • visit
  • times
  • visiting

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Millefiori, Millefiori Fusions, Gold Leaf Smalti and Vitreous Glass on Board
11 Years ago

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Startled Pheasant
martin cheek



313 works in mixed mediaglass

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Broadstairs United Kingdom
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