Pink Pheasant

I have always loved pheasants and was thrilled one day to buy 2 x pairs. My reason for admiring them so much was the fact that the male appeared to be wearing a beautiful Venetian mask. Unfortunately when I opened the package to transfer them to their pen – one male immediately flew away – only to be joined by his pal a few days later, I was left with two frustrated and angry females, who settled into widowhood with the chickens, playing nursemaid to any chicks that would put up with them!
These mosaics are only loosely based on those real silver pheasants – in the same way that all of my birds are not really meant to be natural history studies – it’s the attitude and character of the bird that I’m after and I’m quite pleased with the result of this one. I was trying to capture that look of complete bewilderment – so elegant yet so dumb.


  • silver
  • natural
  • history
  • bird
  • birds
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  • mosaics
  • based
  • character
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  • dumb
  • elegant
  • bewilderment
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  • capture
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  • pleased
  • attitude
  • studies
  • meant
  • pheasants
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  • loosely

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38 x 30 cm
Millefiori, Gold Leaf Smalti, Smalti Fusion, brass Wire and Vitreous Glass on Board.
11 Years ago

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(ruler scale: 2m  -  6'6")

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