Light Urchin (daylight view 2)

By helen nock

Light Urchin (daylight view 2)

Photograph copyright 2008 Colin S Pearson

Selected for Opus Mosaic Exhibition in conjunction with The Year of the Planet Earth, UNESCO, 2008.  I chose to respond to sustainability of resources brief hence found and reclaimed material, and low technology is a key in the design. The materials themselves were the starting point for inspiration aiming for natural light to play through and around the surface as well as show-off the delicious qualities of the sea-worn glass.  I also wanted the work to have a day and night function hence the additional illumination of the rose coloured glass dome ground from within powered by low energy source.  Initial ideas revolved around the sun and as the work evolved it took on an organic growth-like form further emphasized with the forged stainless steel tendrils. 

Close up



  • glass
  • sculpture
  • mosaic
  • stainless
  • steel
  • forged

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glass, forged stainless steel
9 Years ago

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