My current work examines the concept of Britishness, using signifiers (icons or symbols) that represent Great Britain. I have taken the Union Jack as the centre point for my current work.  A country’s flag is often seen as a symbol of identity and something to be proud of.  However, the Union Jack can produce mixed reactions in the citizens of Great Britain.  Some factions within society have lent a negative connotation to its symbolism.  This black and white image uses the structure of the flag as its basis. I feel that the image uses icons from British society and reflects the issue of Britain being great because of its very varied and rich cultural diversity, which has a long history.  The mosque picture was originally dated 1925 so subverted the notion that the religion of Islam and the extremism associated with it, is a recent issue in Britain.  In fact the mosque was built in 1889 and was Britain’s first.  “The purpose of the Institute was to enable visiting dignitaries from India to stay and study in culturally sympathetic surroundings. It also enabled Europeans being posted to India to learn the language and culture.”(Shah Jaran Mosque, 2008)


  • jack
  • mosque
  • union
  • britishness
  • photomontage


51 x 41 cm
8 Years ago

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(ruler scale: 2m  -  6'6")

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