All Girls Together

Before painting, the canvas has initially been prepared with textures, ie: tissue paper, a torn page from a book, and open-weave scrim and textured sand, then I painted a ‘ground’ with tones of rich olive greens.

The subject is one of an overlay of womanly body parts in different positions, interlocking, to provoke ones thoughts…hense the title! ;-)

I have used a dry-brush motion of ochres and browns for the skin tones but have deliberately left the green from underneath showing through.

This gives the painting a luminancy quality which I wanted to achieve.

The torn ripped page is significant as I want to make one think about whether ‘woman and woman’ is so wrong, and that every page tells a story!!

Lindi © 2010


  • body
  • modern
  • green
  • pink
  • contemporary
  • brown
  • women
  • ochre
  • skin
  • lesbian
  • flesh
  • girls
  • bodies

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51 x 76 cm
Dry-brush acrylic - no water used
11 Years ago

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Lindi Kirwin

Lindi is a passionate artist working in her studio in Stockport and is currently hugely focused on developing her colourful botanical work. As a self-taught independent artist, Lindi designs, paints and sells her original Fine Art paintings to both Private and Commercial sectors in the UK and abroad.


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