Turn Me On


This is one for the boys, or the girls, as the case may be!!!

A humorous, cartoon-like, tongue in cheek painting of funky taps on a sink!!

**N.B.** This painting is NOT to be taken seriously and consideration would need to be taken as to where it should hang!!

I mainly used thin washes of acrylics for this painting which I deliberately left to drips to down the canvas to enhance the subject matter!! I also used charcoal and water-coloured pencil crayons picking up on areas which I wanted to highlight, like the window ledge and around the basin, not forgetting the taps themselves!! :-D

The painting has been ‘fixed’ using artist spray varnish to fix the charcoal from ‘moving’.

If you’d like a similar painting, do let me know. This one sold quickly because of it’s quirkiness and it was really fun to paint!!

Lindi © 2010


  • white
  • mixed
  • media
  • charcoal
  • canvas
  • figurative
  • abstract
  • water
  • acrylics
  • modern
  • tiles
  • humour
  • crayons
  • window
  • contemporary
  • boxed
  • drips
  • wash
  • lesbian
  • taps
  • greens
  • pinks
  • funny
  • bathroom
  • gay
  • toilet
  • basin
  • balls
  • testicles

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61 x 61 cm
Mixed Media
10 Years ago

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(ruler scale: 2m  -  6'6")

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