“Gossip is so tasty, how we love to swallow it” is a Proverb from the Bible. Gossip is a dangerous game and holds a message for us all. I wanted to portray this message in my work by creating a highly textured surface on which to paint, showing that life isn’t always a smooth ride! I did this by wrapping a bandage around the canvas which is there for a ‘protection/repair’ element. I’ve then again rollered products over the canvas to give ‘sandpaper’ quality, sealing in that bandage, using the same technique but with grey/blue acrylic paint, with purposeful drips that represent many tears and suffering due to GOSSIP. Then, in one corner is the Biblical quote scratched into the rough surface, with a pair of ‘beautiful’ dominant red lips below, from which gossip escapes; the face anonymously obscured into the background!! I chose the lips of a woman because apparently, we are the ones who do the most gossiping!!

Lindi © 2010


  • acrylic
  • red
  • life
  • repair
  • grey
  • texture
  • drips
  • women
  • lips
  • quote
  • tears
  • bible
  • proverb
  • suffering
  • bandage
  • rollered
  • sandpaper
  • mouth
  • gossip

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41 x 41 cm
Acrylic/Mixed Media
11 Years ago

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(ruler scale: 2m  -  6'6")

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Lindi Kirwin

Lindi is a passionate artist working in her studio in Stockport and is currently hugely focused on developing her colourful botanical work. As a self-taught independent artist, Lindi designs, paints and sells her original Fine Art paintings to both Private and Commercial sectors in the UK and abroad.


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