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The works derives mostly from my childhood and surrounding .Fish, chicken or any other creature is a metaphor for something more surreal.

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Wendy Darker

Animal paintings

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nicola litchfield


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louise scott

marine and wildlife images

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Carmen Gracia R.E.

Born in Mendoza, Argentina, Carmen is an accomplished printmaker that has lived in England for 48 years.

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gillian hawkins

Abstract paintings, prints and photographs

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Quaggy Printmakers


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ian wrench

I am a printmaker who has lived in West Yorkshire for over 30 years. I find the rural and urban variety and contrast around me a never ending source of inspiration. Currently ideas are in response to stimuli arising from these landscapes and I am particularly attracted to man’s effect on the environment. Within my work I use a variety of two dimensional and printing techniques presenting semi abstract images through screen print, collograph, monoprint and etching.

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stephen danks

Aviation and Aircraft Artist, acrylic paint on canvas, giclee prints

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James Crabb

Acrylic paintings on canvas in expressionist, abstract and semi-abstract styles with an emphasis on colour and texture. Currently based in Egypt.

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ALEXANDRA JACOBS B.A.(Hons.)Fine Art I would describe myself as a colourist painter. I love the changing light on the landscape. My favourite time of the day is that magical moment at last light when everything appears to intensify and stand still. My interior spaces are about places we inhabit and our half forgotten memories of being there. These are the most abstract and lyrical of my works, they are often prompted by everyday objects. The absent figure in the painting is the viewer who brings their own interpretation to the painting.

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Eloise Piper

I utilize both my formal training and a lifetime of experience to express my vision of the world around me. I do not strive for a particular style, for I believe true style is the outcome of an artist’s inherent personality combined with the individual’s unique creative process. I do aim for a keen observation and authentic response to the subjects I paint.

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kate strachan

Artist and Designer specialising in screen prints on paper and domestic textiles and Still Life painting.

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John Adams

John Adams Artist, original paintings in oil and acrylic.

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