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Pauline Jordan

Contemporary Mixed Media Paintings. Imaginative, colourful and textured,

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josef cabey

Affordable Art Mostly figurative painting on cut board

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Mellie Lane

Handmade books of all sorts - printed, painted, digitally printed, collage, textile ...

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Lizbeth Spurgeon

Most of the painting I do comes from inspiration on the land and sky around us, I store the images and colours to produce expressionist landscapes and some more abstract works. You can contact me at lizbeth_s3@yahoo.co.uk

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mr ben

I produce mixed media pieces based around punk and new wave music and iconic images from the golden age of cinema. My techniques include a combination gel transfer, collage, acrylic, inks, and spray paint. I build layers of colour and texture and use cuttings from vintage music press papers and film magazines.

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Sharon Summerby

I am an artist who paints nature as its colours and contours are unsurmountable and occasionally I dip into humanity

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Maria McCabe

Paintings in oils, watercolours and mixed media. Drawings in coloured pencils and graphite. Some digital art also on display.

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Tanya bennett

hi, i am a self taught artist living by the sea in kent. i specialise in abstract/contemporary/nieve art. Please contact me for commission info. Thanks for looking :-), Tanya

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Marian Williams

Colorful Contemporary Collages. Analog unique compositions combining paint, paper, plastic, fabric, wool, leaves... etc

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max dolding

Paint, film, screen prints

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Tiffany Logan

Nature inspired semi abstract paintings

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Lorraine Brown

Abstract Paintings, Monotypes, landscape and nature theme

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Teresa Gordon

Visual artist

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Joel Clark. Artist.

Contemporary Sculpture & Art using hand-cut vinyl to create collages applied to vehicle parts.

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