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Delcia McNeil

I am a mixed media painting and digital artist creating abstract images with metaphysical themes.

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Jade Carrera


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I am an abstract painter, a lover of colours galore.

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lyn Kirkland

Encaustic beeswax and mixed media artist

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robert littleford

travel illustration

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josef cabey

Affordable Art Mostly figurative painting on cut board

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Hilary Fawcett

I’m an artist living on the North East Coast. I recently completed a series of paintings which were imaginative responses to archeological finds at an a Saxon site at Loftus in North Yorkshire. At present I am working on a group of pictures concerned with the theme of ‘home’. Exploring my own history, I’m interested in ideas of belonging, memory and time.

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Hi I hope you enjoy looking at my artwork, as there is a range of different drawings and mixed media art on my home website!

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Olga van Dijke

painter of forms and shapes found in nature and the environments, also textile artist with the beauty in imperfection (wabi sabi)

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Laura Anne Marsden

Eternal Lace sculptural creations. 2D stitched art works.

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Philip Sadler

Figurative landscape and seascape artwork

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steve elliott

LittleGiant characters and myself.

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Adam Arbeid

Florentine marble frescos incorporating gold leaf, minerals and pigments.

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Art To Wear

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Mellie Lane

Book arts and artist's books of all sorts - printed, painted, digitally printed, collage, textile

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