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Bucks Fine Art

Bucks New University, Fine Art Degree Show

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Lucy Drumonde

Ilustration and Cartooning and Mixed Media

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Nova Williams

Novalyn Williams is a mixed media artist whose works consists mainly of series of small paintings, artist's books and assemblages. She is a graduate of London Metropolitan University where she completed a Masters in Art, Design and Visual Culture.

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A sculptress working in the South-west of France

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Joseph Lynch

Full time artist ,painting landscapes, objects ,botanical subjects in the hope others will enjoy them also.

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steve garvey


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tony huggins

I\'m an old - fashioned \'\'commercial artist\'\' from technical illusts to cartoons,but now prefer to work in a loose figurative style.Book illusts,T.V storyboards, human & pet portraits. I\'ll tackle anything.

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Mary Valencia

Paintings in Oil and Watercolor

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philip sheaf

my paintings are mainly acrylic on paper or canvas and vary fom abstracts to figurative.

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Francesca Owen

I have studied the history, theory and practice of painting at the prestigious Slade School of Fine Art, graduating with Honors in 2009. Since then I have exhibited at the beautiful Fulham Palace Gallery, sold work to private and corporate clients, completed an Artist Residency in Asia and have begun a Masters degree in Art and Environment at University College Falmouth. I paint images of landscapes in oils and I am investigating natural dyes from plants to directly use materials from the environments that I paint. I aim to capture the beauty of nature working from life, memory and studies sometimes on my boat where I live or in my studio both in Cornwall. I accept commissions and host workshops on natural dye techniques so please feel free to contact me about this.

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Pamela Hickey

my work....well a little bit of everything

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Pascal Roy

The art of Pascal Roy, paintings of large format, colorful spychedelic fantacy

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Jenny Wilcockson

Wiltshire-based artist and illustrator of all that scuttles, scurries, swims and swoops and everything in between.

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George Perendia

Mixed media paintings and sculptural works dealing with chaotic nature of humanity and its environment

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