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Themes about Conceptual Reality using Themes of Textual Art. CopyRights, Laura Coatl 2010. All Rights Reserved to Laura Elena Avila Zelaya (1996-2010)

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Bucks Fine Art

Bucks New University, Fine Art Degree Show

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Kamila Pavlova

Kamila was born in central Europe, in the country formerly known as Bohemia. She was interested in art since early childhood but her career lead her onto entirely different path - to medical profession. However, the inspiring backdrop of London, its fascinating charm, rich history and buzzing everyday life enchanted her and brought her back to the world of dreams and visual beauty. She is inspired by people, their stories, personal struggles, passions, challenges of their lives. She is mainly focusing on the soul of a human, trying to unearth what is hiding behind the closed door of the protective, external facade. She adores pure beauty but is aware of the underlying conflicts and that's what she is trying to portray in her work.

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Ahmad Agha


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Ray Tse


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Pamela Hickey

my work....well a little bit of everything

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Bristol Photographer

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liz down


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