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fatima zahra hassan (ZAHRA)

Fatima Zahra Hassan is a Cambridge-based visual artist, educator and a researcher. She is trained in Indian, Mughal & Persian painting techniques with a focus on Asian and Middle Eastern Art and art of book and ornament design. Zahra is a graduate of National College of Arts Lahore, Royal College of Art and the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts London. She has taught for more than 15 years in the UK and abroad.

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Andrew Birch


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Tanya bennett

hi, i am a self taught artist living by the sea in kent. i specialise in abstract/contemporary/nieve art. Please contact me for commission info. Thanks for looking :-), Tanya

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Naike Jahgan

Love Art and Share Art. Fond of Colour and Light

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Sarah Carver

Illustrator/Fine Artist/Graphic Artist

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One Handy Witch

Fractal Art, Digital Art, Illustration Photo Manipulation

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Adam Fryda

Visual Artist and Illustrator

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Yvonne Ayoub

Fine Art, Illustration, Murals, Photography. Also runs PAINTING COURSES & ARTIST RETREAT on the Greek Island of Skiathos.

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Danny Flynn

Science Fiction & Fantasy Illustration

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zbigniew trzaska

fine figurative landscapes with figures

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tim bradford

New wave wang-eyed pop folk art

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Robert Bloomer

quirky illustrations of buildings and anything that can be turned quirky. enjoy what you do and make it quirky.

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Lucia Zuñiga

Handmade art

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rob conway

Reportage Illustration

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Tanya Fedan


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