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Denise Weston

Fine Art BA Hons (1st) MA Fine Art

131 works | member for 8 Years

Celia Buttigieg

Graphite portraits Pet portraits Illustration

15 works | member for 10 Years

David John Hilditch

Oil Paintings and Watercolours based on Clouds, Faces and themes linked to Metaphysics and Philosophy.

337 works | member for 6 Years

Ruth Cadden

figurative based, inspired by Greek mythology

295 works | member for 10 Years

Beverley Healy

Beverley Healy lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where she exhibits regularly. In 2011 she won the Ann Cheyne Award for small works and in 2016 received First Prize in the American Art Awards for her portraiture. She was also the Creator and Coordinator of the Dreams Art and Health Research Project which won the Blair L Sadler Healing Arts Awards. She says of her work, "I believe in the healing power of Art. I seek to create work that is not merely a likeness but a beautiful painting, a jewel to adorn the wall of a home or a gallery. My portraits are usually painted in egg tempera on traditional gesso board which allows a softness of colour and sensitivity to detail. My pastel work, on the other hand, allows me to work more freely - I start with a verse or a song and the painting becomes a discovery. I often liken them to visual prayers. In either medium I enjoy colour and the sense of connecting with something deeper as I paint."

63 works | member for 5 Years

peter cronin

watercolour landscape artist

90 works | member for 10 Years

Nicky Browne

drawings and prints usually based on thematic series. Also featured in cards and minibooks - minibooks are digitally produced 12 sided concertina books, compilations of drawings or prints, 15cm square sold with an envelope.

130 works | member for 2 Years

Karen Nelson

Scottish Borders artist of landscapes and seascapes

65 works | member for 7 Years

Barry Idris Jackson

painting, drawing, printmaking

114 works | member for 9 Years

Sarah Colbourne

Abstract paintings and drawings based on the coastal landscape

15 works | member for 3 Years

Ching Fun Tso

Contemporary Fine Artist - abstract & figurative paintings & drawings

109 works | member for 6 Years

Dione Dolan

Award winning West Coast Artist finds inspiration outside her doorstep. Dione is on a journey of discovery as the self taught artist explores her love of the natural environment, the wildlife and the people in her artwork.

17 works | member for 5 Years

Julia Iwasz

Drawing and mixed media with photographic elements

26 works | member for 3 Years

Cadi Froehlich

Visual Artist

29 works | member for 8 Years

Annabel Robb

Oil paintings, drawings and mixed media depicting a tantalizing mix of highly detailed subjects from the natural world combined with the conjured and invented.

16 works | member for 10 Months