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Laura Jefferson

My work is mostly influenced by people, animals, and the natural world; I strive to capture the individual spirit and nature of the subject in my work.

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Andrew Birch


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Nicholas Peter Coker

I am a self taught painter. My work focuses on aviation, specifically WWII aircraft. My interest is creating pieces that focus on the esthetics of the aircraft and not placing them in a wartime context. In my newer work I am interested in the human connection between 'man and machine'.

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Nick Schlee


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Edd Travers

Caricaturist, cartoonist, illustrator. Stylish caricatures and cartoons for any special occasion or event.

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Glasgow based artist

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Clare Haward


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Margaret J. Percival

Pastel Paintings. Pet Portraits. Animal Portraits. Pastel Drawings, Acrylic. Impasto

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Tom Wilson

Street art, graffiti, illustration

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Tricia Warrington


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Tina Mammoser

From paintings of the English coast, to Lake Michigan in Chicago, to Venice, my paintings transform actual places into simplified visions of the very element that defines them – water. Abstractions of weather and season at the sea, the paintings are all about spaces of line, colour and light rather than direct landscape. A fascination with light and shadow, reflection and refraction, pattern and water movement drives my experiments with paint to capture changing luminous qualities. I was born in 1970 in Chicago, USA and immigrated to the UK in my early 20s. I started painting after moving from Scotland down to London, studying painting and printmaking privately with an artist in Greenwich, London. Despite identifying very much as a British artist it's been said my paintings still recall a certain "midwestern" eye for the landscape, inferring flat perspective and vast open spaces.

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Julia Iwasz

Drawing and mixed media with photographic elements

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Philippa Cannan

Paintings and Drawings

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Ching Fun Tso

Contemporary Fine Artist - abstract & figurative paintings & drawings

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Michael Walker-Stapley

paintings farmhouse west wales coast

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