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Nick Schlee


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Beverley Healy

Beverley Healy lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where she exhibits regularly. In 2011 she won the Ann Cheyne Award for small works and in 2016 received First Prize in the American Art Awards for her portraiture. She was also the Creator and Coordinator of the Dreams Art and Health Research Project which won the Blair L Sadler Healing Arts Awards. She says of her work, "I believe in the healing power of Art. I seek to create work that is not merely a likeness but a beautiful painting, a jewel to adorn the wall of a home or a gallery. My portraits are usually painted in egg tempera on traditional gesso board which allows a softness of colour and sensitivity to detail. My pastel work, on the other hand, allows me to work more freely - I start with a verse or a song and the painting becomes a discovery. I often liken them to visual prayers. In either medium I enjoy colour and the sense of connecting with something deeper as I paint."

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Ivona Torovin

www.ivona-painting.co.uk Iwona Torowin Fine Artist - Contemporary Art Professional. Master's Degree 1996. Between 1994 and 2007 studied and exhibited in Poland and Lithuania. Currently resides and works in Manchester, UK.

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Maria McCabe

Pet portraits in coloured pencils.

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Mark Hinch

Traditional painter, working with a loose,broad brush style, capturing colour and form in unusual light

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Graham Burquest

Paintings that look at the human figure

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Ricardo Trigos

Paintings with acrylic colors on canvas

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Henrice Kupper

Graphite pencil portraits and nature are my specialism. Commisions welcome.

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Marney Merrett

Pet Portraits

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Emrys Parry

Emry's work is heavily influenced by the landscape and people of the Lleyn peninsula, his childhood home in Wales. Over the years he has been making and remaking a succession of images that reflect his feelings towards this unique part of Wales.

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Julia Mee

Julia Alexandra Mee is a practising fresco painter and art historian, with a studio at WASPS Artists Studios in Edinburgh where she works to commission, preparing fresco projects and painting frescoes in situ in private villas in Italy.

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Martin Vega


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Phil Entwistle

Original oil paintings with a geological interest

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Stephanie Rew

Figurative Painter

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Creating original images on iPad is amazingly liberating; there is no tension about spoiling a picture as there's always the delete button; there is an endless palette of colour; there are techniques for controlling opacity and building layers of colour washes; in fact with practice there are tools that can be used to create every effect possible. I draw from life, photographs and imagination and can work virtually anywhere. David Hockney has demonstrated that digital technology offers an exciting and accessible new medium for artists of all abilities.

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