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Theodora Anagor is one of London’s most influential fashion designers who side steps conventionalism to create individual wearable clothes that can be found on the backs of dedicated followers of fashion all-round the globe. She studied fashion design at St Martins College of Art and then went on to setting up her own business selling to shops in London, Holland, Japan, Paris and New York.

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Terry Jackson

Thanks for visiting Drawins' and Scribblins'. I'm Terry; I've drawn ever since I could remember, but it's mostly been just a casual hobby. Recently, I have been drawn to digital art using my iPad and Surface Pro. I also produce pencil and pastel art on traditional canvases. I currently focus mainly on landscapes and architecture.

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cliff warner


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Vivian Wu

my art from mostly columbus state and ccad

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graeme hornby

Travel & mountain photography

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Gail Whitney

Artist & Designer

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Photography extraordinaire

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Cath Farr

Colourful absurdist snapshots of 21st Century living

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Simon stephens

New artist from Sutton in south London

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A coffee painter passionate about the monochromatic and organic quality produced by coffee and ink on paper.

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akihiro kazama

photography & digital art from ak's eyes

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Andrei Draganescu

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