muriel and lily

Handmade jewellery in gold and silver.

muriel and lily

Based in Maidstone, United Kingdom. member for 8 Years

Welcome to my busy garden workshop in Kent, UK.  Over the past few years I’ve worked hard to create my small business - aiming to offer something unique, personal and very individual.  Each piece of jewellery is made by me, working in a small scale, non-mechanical way, creating and finishing jewellery by hand and using recycled or Fairtrade gold and silver wherever possible. The handmade process means that every piece is slightly different and has a character of its own.  Just like the people who wear it.

I make a range of jewellery collections, from peapods to lace hearts and happily take on commissioned pieces. Arranging a visit to my studio/workshop is always welcomed.  I usually work with my dog, Alan, for company, and have some fantastic friends and family who I bribe to come in and help at busy times.  The studio is a happy and creative space, music is always on, the tea flows freely - and I know just how lucky I am to work like this.

And why ‘muriel & lily’?  I named my business after two great aunts from childhood to mark my own circle of life and happy return to my creative roots.  It just felt right.

Mary Larkin
Designer/maker, muriel & lily
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