Melissa Budasz

Drawing, photography, assemblage and painting. Melissa Budasz's work negotiates identity, memory and myth

Melissa Budasz

Based in London, United Kingdom. member for 7 Years

My work negotiates identity, myth and memory as a way of feeling anchored, as my sense of time and history - past and future, experience and expectation and memory and anticipation can overlap into one another. The fictional aspects of memory bring to mind what is important and the boundaries between forgetting and remembering. I think memory and forgetting are fundamental to human existence and our experiences of the world around us.
I like to detail the dichotomy between acquired knowledge with observation and use my body and hair with fragments from the natural world ie with weeds, plants, water, as a starting point for assemblage, photography, drawing and painting. This visual process of transformation evolves through rhythms, rooted in both psychological and metaphysical states. Working in series perceptibly transforms one piece to another and how a network of inter-relationships are made.
I am exploring my physical and emotional relationship as both subject and voyeur and it is my intention that what is left out of the narrative detail makes the viewing more ambiguous and open to the subjectivities of the viewer and connections are made.

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