John A Birch

Affordable, contemporary Artworks in Pastel and other media.

John A Birch

Based in Whitby, United Kingdom. member for 10 Years

About my art and what it means to me

I feel what I paint and I paint what I see.

Living in the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors, with rocky coastline to complement the rugged splendour of the Moorland, subject matter is of the very best.

I love nothing more than relaxing with a set of pastels and capturing forever an idea on paper. Anything inspires me; I often feel like a young child in a sweet shop, every thing I see around me is filled with colour and shape.

I like to paint expressively and see things from a slightly unusual angle. I have recently been pushing the limits of Oil Pastel, as a medium, for creating drama and emotion in my paintings

I tend to paint what appeals to me, in a way that I see the subject.

I paint because I love to paint; my greatest enjoyment is seeing others enjoy my work. If someone can see, even just for a moment, what I have seen my art has come through. I have had several commissioned portraits, animal portraits and landscapes. I am a member of

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