nicola jackson

nicola jackson

Based in Brighton, United Kingdom. member for 11 Years

I am a papermaker and bookbinder, making colourful wallpieces, books, cards and lampshades from handmade paper.
My paper is made from recycled waste paper, sorted into colours, soaked and pulped. I pour this pulp on to cloth, add ropes, nets and found objects, fold it, emboss it and add drawing and paint.
My work is textured, colourful, original and vibrant.
My inspiration comes from the sea, the landscape, my garden, archaeological fragments, and the textures, colours and patterns that I encounter in my travels.
The paper wallpieces are strong and lasting, they are backed with mull and strengthened with dowel to hang on the wall.
My books are sometimes made entirely from handmade paper with images and poems, or they are practical sketchbooks ranging in size from small squares, through several sizes of landscape, to large squares, with Saunders Waterford watercolour paper.
I also make albums and repair books, and I do university thesis binding.

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