maggie edwards

oil and acrylic paintings, mono-prints, life drawings, earthenware and stoneware ceramic vessels

maggie edwards

Based in Brighton, United Kingdom. member for 9 Years

The paintings are inspired by light at different times of day, the drama of the sky, clouds, sunlight, rain - the weather and contrasts of shadow and light. The effects of changing light on landscape and seascape, the surface and patterns of light across water and land influence the compositions and mood of the paintings.

Similarly the ceramics are inspired by the effects of weather upon surfaces; the corrosion and erosion of man-made and natural forms by the sea, rain, and time. The ceramic surfaces, markings, oxides and glazes are also influenced by the colours and surfaces of seascape, landscape from the south and west coastal areas of the UK and also recently from the mountains of the Alpujarras in Southern Spain.

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