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fatima zahra hassan

Fatima Zahra

Trained as an Indian, Mughal and Persian miniature painter with a background in decorative arts of Asia and Middle East. Fatima Zahra Hassan uses traditional methods, materials and techniques in her work with trans-disciplinary approach. Most of her work embodies mystical dimensions and delves into metaphors and strong narratives that are peculiar to Asia and Middle East. Since her training in UK was in Traditional Arts, where she was taught a great deal of World’s great art traditions including ornament design, geometric patterns, icon painting, Italian renaissance painting techniques along with gilding, marbling, calligraphy and making of paper and natural colour pigments. Her usual art practice revolves around her training in Indian, Mughal and Persian Painting techniques. From making her own wasli paper to squirrel tail hairbrush and to grinding of pigments, she prepares most of her materials by herself. Her art-practice has moved on from one level to another, where she is now experimenting with new media and cutting edge technology (touch interactive trans-media story telling).

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