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English Artist with a love of all forms of Abstract Art & Expressionism.

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Jonathan Woodall

Based in Warrington, United Kingdom. member for 5 Months

As an abstract artist, I have set out to explore my personal vision through non-objective forms and figurative allusions. My art evolves out of personal inspiration and vision.
By consciously creating the unconscious, I allow the viewer to explore my inner being. I like to challenge the viewer to explore the recesses of their own unconscious.
Whether you want to call my art mystical, spiritual, or magical, I like to think of my art as mining the energy of intuitive emotion.
Through spatial tensions and non-objective forms, I entice the viewer to explore my secret world. I feel my kind of art is the most honest and intimate form of communication.
English abstract artist Jonathan Woodall is a self taught artist from Northern England. His focus is primarily on bold strokes and movement.
Rooted in Abstraction and the New York Abstract Expressionism of 1940’s 50’s , Jonathan’s work is never static. He depicts abstraction with passion, movement and feeling. His paintings are characterised by a bold movement that invites you in.
He paints the plot line to your story with his artwork, then you become the story teller. His pieces attract you in. You want to know more, where it started, where it’s going. His work lets your imagination take flight.
Jonathan currently lives and works in England

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