Rita Linney

Yorkshire born, now living in Ireland, I am inspired by the west coast and the Atlantic ocean. I am creating new works continuously. Most of my paintings are available as prints card, the images are 12" x 10" Prints are €10 each plus €6.50 post and package. They are signed and numbered.

Rita Linney

Based in County Clare, Ireland. member for 1 Year

I suppose I have always been fascinated by the way light and shadow influence a subject and here on the west coast of ireland there are so many opportunities to capture just that.
I studied art in Doncaster and Canterbury and have worked alongside some very distinguished artists from whom I have learned a great deal, particularly working with oil paint.
Early work was mainly in Whitby and the east coast, some paintings were in France including “the beast” which appears on my website on the further works page.
I am probably producing more work than ever since I moved to Clare for that very purpose, so far the weather has been kind.

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