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One Handy Witch

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I was born in Rochester, New York in 1961. I am self trained, though I did have a brief period of tutelage with Grace Treadwell who would look at my work today and call me a pinko commie. I worked in various more hands on mediums, painting, sculpting and jewelry design until an injury resulted in a near total loss of function in my right hand and an ongoing battle with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. I became a pseudosouthpaw, and had to give up doing things the way I had before. Through a friend of a friend I was introduced to fractal generators and that set me on my current path. I have to admit I miss the smells that come with getting your hands dirty. When I need some inspiration I turn to a small bottle of turpentine in my desk. It still works to get the creative juices flowing. At present I express myself in digital format doing photo manipulation, fractal, and 3d art. I prefer fantasy and the exploration of archetypes, deity, and mythical themes. I also create mandala like images from flame and ultra fractals that can be used as both art pieces and meditation tools. I have a pretty good sense of the silly which sometimes creeps into my work, it’s good to have a bit of fun. Currently I live and work in Connecticut sharing my time between my art, my many projects, and my Ridliegh the Wonder Dog who’s sitting on my feet as I write this.

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