Claudia Araceli

The great outdoors is my studio, I am one of those mad all year round plein air Watercolour Artists. As for my work, I aim to capture the atmosphere, light and essence of what I see around me. The subjects I paint are vast, I cannot predict what I will see that inspires in any particular moment. It might be hazy light, a storm or a feeling of deja vu. I just know I love it!

Claudia Araceli

Based in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. member for 2 Years

I am a plein air watercolour artist living in the Cotswolds.
I only recently recently returned to painting having had a protracted period of well over twenty years not painting at all due to bad health. I paint around my good and bad days which naturally restricts what I produce.
In the past I Exhibited extensively within the Cotswolds, London and France, where my work was in demand from Collectors both in the UK and overseas. I had my work accepted and exhibited at The Royal Academy in the early 1990’s.
Today everything has changed! The internet and Social Media is both exciting and scary for a woman whose talents do not include technology. So here goes, I ask for your patience while I get the hang of this!

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