Ray Mcsharry

sketches and watercolours of land sea and townscapes in a loose impressionistic style.

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Ray Mcsharry

Based in London, United Kingdom. member for 2 Years

If you’d like to take up sketching and painting for the first time or get back into it maybe after many years I’d be very happy to guide you.
I well remember my difficulties as a beginning painter from knowing what to buy to applying the techniques to achieve my artistic goals .
You don’t need a lot to get started -three or four brushes , the quality of cheaper synthetic brushes is so high these days that it’s not necessary to buy animal hair brushes, a watercolour pad, about six or seven tubes of artists grade watercolours and a few other simple accessories and you’re set.
I’ll guide you through the process step by step and hopefully demystify it by simplifying wherever possible.
As for me I’ve been sketching and painting off since childhood and feel very fortunate to have stumbled on a hobby that would stay with me my whole life .
My parents would send me back over to Ireland for the long school holidays every year. I was never quite sure why. Maybe they just couldn’t stand my company! There were not always other children around so I would draw the chickens pigs and donkey as well as attempting portraits of my grandparents.
Later back home in England I continued my hobby obsessively usually copying photos of my favourite footballers. All this early practice proved helpful later on when it came to applying to Art colleges and I eventually enrolled at Portsmouth College of Art and Design. However I did not make the best of the opportunity and dropped out after 18 months to take a job at the Dockyard.
But my interest in sketching never left me even if it was in the background for long periods. I got into watercolour after seeing a couple of marvelous paintings in a Gallery in Brighton where l lived in my 20,s . I remember going back to the gallery many times a week usually when it was closed just to admire the the painters technique.
Now I’m retired I’m free to devote more time to what I love and hopefully help others with the benefit of my experience.
So if you’d like to be involved please sign up for my newsletter and I’ll look forward to guiding you on your painters journey. I can be contacted via my website www.rmcsharry.com

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