beverley rouwen

Inspired by walks, thoughts and talks over hill, over dale, thorough bush and thorough brier. I paint my walks on canvas..

beverley rouwen

Based in Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom. member for 8 Years

Inspired by nature and in particular woods, I let my mind wander. A wood is the keeper of secrets where affairs have been started, relationships ended and the gossip rife. Yet, about you there is beauty, serenity and quiet. I love this paradox. When I walk through a wood my mind is opened and there is focus, intimacy and I really think. It is my place for healing and my place for ideas. Through my paintings I interpret images seen and moments felt recalling conversations, situations and feelings experienced on a walk. I play with mood and emotion and striving for a balance. I love to feel the paint and canvas with my hands - scratching and making marks, giving texture and life to a painting. I paint my walks on canvas and each walk is a difference experience.

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