My name is Lolita Parekh, I am a Fantasy and Fiction Artist. I am also a big Believer of Achievement, and Empowerment. You may notice in several artworks that I paint/draw achievement, belief in Greatness,and Self-Belief . My favorite word when I relate to my work is "Dreams". I love to imagine what people dream about and then work on that. I get inspired by fairy tales and mythology, beliefs and religions. I consistently learn from cultures all around the World. You can buy my artworks that are available here, or alternatively you can order your very own.


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My name is Lolita Parekh. I am French, and I live in England, with my husband, and my twins (son and daughter). I work full time in a college library. I love my job, and what’s more, I love to paint. So as well as being a full time mum and a full time librarian, I am a full time artist.
I do a lot of work based on our inner demons and problems. I try to represent our struggles but also our Achievement, and our focus towards Greatness. Empowerment is a big thing that I focus on more and more, sometimes not realising it.
I am also a Dream artist ( I do work on Fiction/Fantasy, but I also work on Religion, Nudes and Abstract). Although I have always been creative, I started drawing and painting more at sixteen. In 2015, after getting more orders through networking and word of mouth, I felt that it was time to be “une artiste professionnelle”. When I first started drawing, I used to love mixing charcoal, pencils and pens. Later I experimented paint through watercolors, then in 2015 I took an interest in acrylic paint. I like the vibrant colors and textures that I get with acrylic, which I sometimes mix with a paste which gets me extra texture on the canvas to create layers. Even though I love using colors, I get back to my basics in black and white sketches from time to time.
I am still a child at heart,and I am still fascinated with stories from all over the world, from religion to fairy tales and legends, to fiction books and movies. I create Dreams and Stories with my pictures, and send a message in each and every piece.

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