I am a figurative artist who work mainly with acrylic paint. I enjoy mixing media once in a while, and I set myself challenges on ideas I have. I love to paint and create, It is a passion that I can not live without.


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My name is Lolita and I am a figurative artist. For the past couple of years, I have worked mainly with paint: first watercolor, and now acrylic. I hope to work one day soon with oil, but for now I am content with the acrylic.
At 16, I wanted to enter an art school in order to become an illustrator for children’book. Although I could not do it, I never gave up my art. A few years later, I did a year of Art and Design foundation course. I learnt a lot during that year,but I preferred to learn by myself in my own time, rather than study.
Nowadays I work from home, do my research outside whenever I feel like it, and work on things of my interest.
I have had a few commission work done recently, and I can say that each was a success.
I do hope that you will enjoy my work and feel free to contact me.

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