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Peon Boyle

Based in Worthing, United Kingdom. member for 9 Years

Our Studios offer a diverse range of stimulating, artist-led courses in a friendly and creative environment. Our aim is to encourage students of develop confidence in their own artistic abilities and ideas, helping them start to further their own artistic practice.
Our courses are attended by people of all levels of ability, from independently practicing artists to complete beginners. This allows us to cultivate a unique space that is both innovative and supportive where students harbour a genuine drive to produce quality artworks and realise their individual outcomes. In this way we are able to connect to a wider artistic community through our regular exhibitions and further establish ourselves as a new and exciting centre for artistic practice.
We offer a wide range of courses comprising of both traditional and contemporary approaches. At Sussex Printmakers is focused in two dimensions and involves painting, drawing and printmaking techniques such as portrait, still life, life drawing, gum arabic transfer printing, etched lino Printing as well as classic collograph and etching processes.
We aim to continue to work with professional artists in Sussex to expand the range and quality of our art courses ensuring that each academic year will differ from the previous with the addition of interesting and original courses.

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