I am an abstract painter, a lover of colours galore.


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After 30 years practice as a Clinician In Psychiatry, Rashna has embarked on her first passion, Art.  Rashna is a self taught abstract painter. She paints intuitively without any plan for what the finished piece will be, allowing instinct to guide the creative process.  Acting and reacting to the stroke of colour. This encourages her mood, interest and love of colour to be reflected in her work.

Rashna is influenced by rich childhood experiences in East Africa. In adulthood, she is further influenced by her surroundings, people, places, behaviour and emotion.

Rashna’s art is a representation of her perception of life- Dynamic, complex and yet simple. Vibrant colours are the main substance of her art works. Construct/deconstruct is her process.

International Customers- I am unable to give you an accurate shipping price at this time, but if you are interested in my paintings please do contact me.

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