Brian De La Cour

Abstract and landscape artist

Brian De La Cour

Based in London, United Kingdom. member for 2 Years

The source of my inspiration has always been landscape. My early work led me to explore urban scenes of devastation and the arbitrary layering of rock formations through colour and psychoanalytical abstract responses.

The tortuous nature of my early explorations has now given way to an obsession with a calmer harmony of land and sky through a kind of realism, but at the same time attempting to retain the abstract nature of formal relationships that were established in my earlier work.

Constructing a painting involves layering, image cancelling, image revealing, partial image revealing and image superimposition; with drawing ever present as a structural catalyst and a form of focal detailing. This process continues until image related spatial cohesion, balance or appropriate imbalance speaks back from the painting, flux fades or stabilises and the work takes on a life.

Fractured Land 1
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