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Figurative Artist Based in London.

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Kevina Labonne

Based in London, United Kingdom. member for 2 Years

Kevina’s work revolves around the female figure and an assortment of fictional muses. She works with mainly graphite and acrylic paint. Inspired by nature and modern design, Kevina takes influences of her multicultural heritage and surroundings. The details she manages to achieve with her work are captivating and display an incredible level of finesse and skill. Her imagery contains her amazing talent as an artist as she passes on stories that are open to interpretations.

Kevina has developed her love for art at a very young age in her home country where she spent her college years perfecting her techniques. After winning a prestigious state scholarship at a national level in 2003, she joined the only art school in Mauritius and her talent evolved into a passion. In 2007, she studied in London to earn a Masters degree at Middlesex University where she recently completed a Doctor of Arts and will graduate in 2016.

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