I love to paint, I love art, I paint in oil. But, also, I'm not a professional painter so......please be kind with my works! :)

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I liked it, since I remember to draw. Clumsy, shy, innocent, because it was my first attempt and age. Nothing spectacular, nothing to remember. I was like many other children, I hope that today, continues to amuse by such activities.
Teenage, high school, helped me somewhat to keep alive in my soul the pleasure of drawing, color, painting. But, until recently, was a forbidden pleasure of others. It was all mine. I have not told anyone, I did not show anyone any drawing. Just because I was convinced that not worth anything, that my works are not worthy to be admired. That only great artists can ask entitled, attention and appreciation. Today, I show them all, so as an act of great courage .... Without pretend me an artist. But undoubtedly loving beautiful. And beauty is subjective.
I followed Pedagogical School (for 5 years - it was at that time), then Law School - 4 years, two years of Master Degree and I manage the Human Resources department for a private company working in the field of construction ... and talk about painting? ? Yes, it can arise from the most unexpected places and, above all, the most surprising souls.
Everyone is welcome and I hope you will feel welcome event in these pages. My intention remains, but that of my amateur painting, those who paint for pleasure, with passion, who paints like feel. I address those who, most likely, will remain forever amateur but love art like a professional

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