Allison Day

I am an artist and illustrator. I was born in London, but live in the beautiful Sussex countryside. My heart is rural, but my soul is urban. My work reflects both.

Allison Day

Based in Mayfield, United Kingdom. member for 5 Years

I spent my childhood in some of the toughest areas in London in 1960’s.  My father, a photographer, mixed with celebrities, actors, and other more shadowy members of the south London underworld. It was an explosive mixture. Drinking bouts often ended in violence, or with well known faces sleeping it off on the kitchen floor.  I was a silent witness, sketching at a young age, life in the dark underbelly of 60’s London.

Married to a disc jockey in my twenties my work reflected life on the periphery of the music industry, as a series of portraits of rock musicians show.

Later. I was asked to reproduce renaissance paintings for an antique dealer and what began just as a way to earn extra money became a steep learning curve as I researched medieval and renaissance methods of painting, which have influenced my work ever since.

Sometimes dark and difficult, my paintings continue to reflect my life. I now live in the heart of the countryside. My heart is rural, but my soul is urban.  My work reflects both

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