Dione Dolan

Award winning West Coast Artist finds inspiration outside her doorstep. Dione is on a journey of discovery as the self taught artist explores her love of the natural environment, the wildlife and the people in her artwork.

Dione Dolan

Based in Vancouver, Canada. member for 5 Years

Born and raised in Alberta, Dione started sketching as a child, finding her muse in the eyes of wild animals. It was after moving to Vancouver and meeting Robert Bateman that the self-taught artist truly began to develop. The renowned wildlife artist encouraged Dione to put a brush to canvas, and she has been honing her craft and expanding her skills ever since. Dione’s love for nature and the outdoors is evident throughout her work even though she, at times, steps outside of that and explores different styles and subjects. As an active member, Dione’s work has been featured in and sold at several Federation of Canadian Artist’s juried exhibitions on Granville Island. Dione’s uses a mix of mediums and styles to commit her vision to canvas. Oil, watercolours and sketchwork are a favorite yet acrylics and photography are explored at times to contribute to the final piece.

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