Rachael Mia Allen

Rachael Infuses her paintings with a great sense of space and with a heartfelt connection to the energy of the places she is drawn to paint.

Rachael Mia Allen

Based in Nr Truro, United Kingdom. member for 5 Years

Born in Truro in 1974 Rachael trained at Falmouth School of Art followed by Staffordshire University. Growing up in Cornwall has fuelled her inspiration & her passion for the cornish landscape that is self-evident in her paintings, which are rich with natural light, textures & colours.
             Working in a unique technique that she herself evolved, Rachael paints using Oil Inks. Her subject matter is predominately the North Coast near her home & West Penwith where the shapes of the landscape fall naturally into cliff, sand & sea. These elements she carefully balances & composes to infuse her paintings with a great sense of space & a sensitivity to the nature of the place.
             Rachael is an artist who paints places that she loves intensely. Her aim is to share this commitment with us & the result is pictures that have struck a chord with all that have seen them.  

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