James Crabb

Acrylic paintings on canvas in expressionist, abstract and semi-abstract styles with an emphasis on colour and texture. Currently based in Egypt.

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James Crabb

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James Crabb

Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. member for 6 Years

James Crabb is a British artist who has spent most of the last twelve years living in Egypt. He is a qualified teacher of Art and this work has supported his art practice and love of travel.

“The reason I make my art is because I feel a strong need to engage with my subconscious in a visual and expressive way. I am inspired to make it by the experience of watching and being open to the world around me in all its many forms. I particularly like surfaces that show the quality of time passing. I find unfamiliar places very stimulating, especially those with a historical resonance such as the old parts of cities, or a timeless atmosphere such as mountains or desert.”

Crabb collects ephemera. He takes photographs and keeps journals. He makes work in a variety of mixed media. In recent years his principal artistic output has been made using acrylic paint on canvas. He works on the canvas in an upright position. He uses various techniques, in particular a palette knife, to convey the idea that the paint is disintegrating over time. His brushwork has been influenced by arabic calligraphy. He has a passion for colour and its emotional quality and he works intuitively with it to attain a balance within his compositions.

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