Carl Ansloos

Painter of figurative subjects, still life and landscape in oils and Acrylics on canvas. Painting in the shadows of Degas, Manguin and Matisse.

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Carl Ansloos

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Carl Ansloos

Based in , United Kingdom. member for 4 Years

“Why do I paint? Simply because I must. I can’t escape its grip, it has me for life.”

I am a painter of people, still life and landscape. I have explored many avenues of subject, style and medium, forever battling with each and every piece of artwork that I produce. Endlessly searching for inspiration from those greats that came before; Degas, Modigliani, Manguin and Matisse. I enjoy the complete process of creating a work of art and often the journey with each piece, is for me, where the satisfaction lies. Hopefully resulting in satisfaction for the viewer. I strive to make the next piece better than the last.
Firstly the canvas is primed with gesso to give underlying texture rather than a flat canvas surface. Then given a wash, usually brown or white. I then sketch with paint or chalk until I am loosely happy with the composition. I proceed to paint with acrylic or oil using brushes in the traditional sense. The composition builds in time, often changing whilst I add and remove and add again, until I am satisfied with the outcome.

Reclining Nude
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