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joe tymkow

Based in Bristol, United Kingdom. member for 8 Years

In June 2010 Joe graduated from UWE in Bristol with a degree in Fine Art. Although his artwork is primarily based around painting, Joe is equally experienced in photography and sculpture. These three disciplines result in artworks which have physical, tactile and aesthetic presence.

Joe never feels intimidated by a blank canvas; he equates his work with that of exposed negatives - latent images awaiting development. The application and removal of paint, coupled with the interaction between differing mediums, produce a multitude of diverse qualities in his work. The varying processes that Joe adopts drive each work in a different direction. The resulting surface is as important as the work itself.

Joe’s response to the way paint behaves and the use of multiple layering contribute to the richness found on and under the surface. Painting on a large scale gives him freedom of movement and allows these layers to come to life. His natural inquisitiveness and fondness for experimentation, combined with a logical approach to his work, produce artwork which is varied in nature. Joe says, ‘I am happiest when I am actually painting, when both myself and the surface of the canvas are physically animated; I spend the rest of my time literally watching paint dry’.

As a result of the methods Joe uses his artworks tend to end in ‘abstracts by default’. Occasionally Joe produces figurative pieces and in 2011 he had one of his paintings accepted for the Threadneedle prize, shown at the Mall Galleries in London.

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