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Paul Vann

Based in Leicester, United Kingdom. member for 5 Years

Following my scholarship at Loughborough College of Art, I embarked on a prolific career in the creative and very competitive environment of advertising.

Now as a ‘reborn’ artist, I have retreated into the comparative sanity of painting subjects of my own choice, in my own style and in my own time !

My present obsession and occupation is a series of paintings featuring birds of prey, native to the British Isles. I strive to portray the unique character and beauty of these magnificent creatures, some of which are struggling to survive. I donate some of my work to the Wildlife Conservation Trust to help and contribute to the conservation of our wildlife for future generations.

A unique opportunity has arisen for me in my collaboration with world renowned concert cellist Yvonne Timoianu, who features some of my work,
greatly enlarged, as stage backdrops for her concerts,recitals and music festivals worldwide.

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