Trish Bishop

Contemporary Fine Art. Drawings,Sculpture, Mixed media.

Trish Bishop

Based in Kent, United Kingdom. member for 6 Years

Artist Statement.
Identity can take several forms; we carry with us a social identity, a cultural and an individual identity. The implications of identity can be seen in our everyday lives. Much of my work is connected to this background along with memory and experience.
My practice is taking me on a journey to find myself on the edge of craft and fine art.
Through the use of fabrics, fibre, threads, paper varied with wax or plaster my work is born from ideas or concepts based upon the notion of identity. I make a direct response to a theme thus the range of materials and techniques are fitting to the realization of that theme.
I endeavor to choose materials that reflect the subject matter. This allows the materials to have a voice of their own, which in turn created piece that shouts or whispers their own identity.

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